It’s ME

I am a graduating college student trying to find myself within myself by writing things I know and I like to think about myself. I love reading novels, mangas and news articles. I can watch cable television the whole day and not get bored. I can watch NBA, MLB, music shows, chinese ones, variety one, CARTOONS!, documentaries, local dramas… I’m a miser who writes about expenses everyday, but I would want to travel my country and the physical world. I just have to save more money and be less dependent of my family. gan batte!!

About the name:
This is not actually in reference to the dog, Hachiko, talking. Although I love dogs, I love cats more.
Anyway… In numerology, my birthdate and also my student number when added (separately), it sums to 8. I also collect authentic chopsticks from chopsticks-using country and I love the Japanese language.
From that… In Japanese, Eight = Hachi, Chopstick = Hashi.
But since this is a blog, it’s like talking your minds off, so I changed the latter to Hashes.
It’s like 8 chopsticks talking.^^

Although, I started talking about philosophy. This blog will also tackle reading and movie reviews. Philippine politics. popular trends. my current thoughts. my worries. etc.

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