crushing hangul

you may have guessed it. these are all my fangirl musings that many wouldn’t understand. well, it’s maybe about the characters they’re playing. but who cares?! as long they as they gave me that tingly feeling whenever i see any of them. (also, they’re making me standby with my sexuality.) i’ll be always fantasizing them. (lee sung min is not on the list for he’s my soul’s crush. ???)

boy crush.


Lee Hyun Woo

i always tell myself that i won’t imagine myself with a younger man but he’s totally… (speechless) don’t get me wrong. i’m not yet a cougar as compared to his age. given the chance, i’ll really grab it. lalala

man crush.


Kang Dong Won

yes, he’s in the military right now. i’m trying hard to graduate before he’s discharged. my thing for him started with 1%. see the pun. it’s intended. he’s really a versatile actor. one you can respect and adore. it’s like treating him like a demigod. you’re like an idol that is really a million million miles away.

my crush.


Kim Si Hoo

maybe i’m crushing this man for he’s around my age. or girls, can’t you most agree, it’s his SMILE. one smile and you’re bought. i’m looking forward in seeing him more in love rain. maybe when this show ends, this will end also. but it’ll start again with his new role, grr.. fangirl mode!! ^^

사랑헤, 동생, 옵바, 시후 ❤❤❤


cry of bhopali

capitalism at its best..

i haven’t watched the movie but i intend to do so.
this incident has not only happened in India but it’s happening around the world.
but i could attest that this is one of the most heartbreaking.
with children, elderly, slowly losing their lives.
and at the same time fighting off with their chance to be able to live in this world.

the VOICE maybe not what everyone has but collectively this can make a greater change.
not only for them.
but also to each of our own community.

let’s not make more movies like this.
or more aptly let’s not allow these kind of scenarios to turn into books or movies, before it can make any sense to anyone.


situations may turn into cycle.
but i should be a progressive cycle.
with everyone supporting each one’s progress.

our problems shouldn’t be the same problem of the future.
see thru the root of all problems.
for one it’s uprooted, we could start with a new one.

i can surmise that the problems of this world could not be solved in an instant.
and these challenges may be needed to make this world move.
but there wouldn’t be any movement if we’ll just allow to dwell on the problems and not really solve any of it.

let’s not only cry but also whine, move and fight.
let’s have the change.

well, i’m getting far to what i really intend to write.
but this is my blog so no one can disagree.