Chinese Cinderella: the unwanted daughter

(as published first at my Multiply account)

The book is not a Fairy Tale. It revolves on the author’s childhood. A biography. Unlike the Disney Cinderella, who was well-loved by her father, Chinese Cinderella depicted mostly about the hardships she encountered while living in a house that treats her as a Bad luck. Why? Her mother died because of the birth complications. she’s the youngest and a she. After that, her father married again. The Cinderella-like stepmother and the I-don’t-care father added to her burden. Thankfully, there still remains in that house, people she one can turn to.

The story generally tells about a classic Chinese family with an unwanted daughter (just like Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck). When one of the family head dies, the head couple crumble making the left partner just a member. let’s say the grandparents are the heads, when the grandma dies, the grandpa is automatically demoted and hands his responsibilities to the first son and his wife. The first son is the breadwinner and his wife is the housekeeper. They then now get to control the house. There words are now rules and no one can interfere even the living grandpa.

The book was interesting (as I am despite the chinese blood) if you are still new to Chinese stories and if you’re willing to know more about it. There were notes about foot binding and Chinese alphabet (Chinese language is an ART.), and the general scenarios living in the 50’s China (what’s a rickshaw?). There was also an excerption from what I would think the original Cinderella, (knowing chinese books were printed first than the westerners..hehe) Ye Xian.

The good point in the book was when she moves ahead on the hardships and finally got the chance to be noticed by his father. And that was through her perseverance to create achievements, the recognition and acceptance did not came far long.

I haven’t read the prequel Falling Leaves, but I am looking forward to it.