Case Sensitive: Impressions

It was around 10pm when I stumbled into screen red asia. A chinese movie was being played.

I first saw Ady An crying asking for help. It seems that she was being held hostage then came a man who helped her. They seem to not know each other. The guy asked if her name is Lu Xiao Ni. Ady told otherwise. He tells her that he is an avid viewer of Ady’s blog. He’s saying that he saw what was happening and came to the area to rescue her.  Instead of being thankful, she said that everything is staged and complaining that the man even knocked the camera down so no videos were recorded. Then, she asked where is her boyfriend, wondering why she can’t see him. She walks inside the kitchen and saw her boyfriend lying with his own blood. She was mourning with her boyfriend’s death while the man was contemplating what’s really happening. He killed someone whom he thought an assailant and now he’s a murderer. Ady An, now realizing she is with a murderer, screamed “You killed my boyfriend.” Then frantically, she attacked the guy and then the guy just overpower her and next scene. It was a cop talking with someone about certain videos. Ady An now is being held hostage by the guy who’s name is Li Bao Bao. He was actually more known as a poet but now sells things through an online shop.

In this house, like other hostage stories, the next scenes showed Ady’s trials in escaping. Most scenes are in Li Bao Bao’s basement. Answering…
How she screamed her lungs out asking for someone to help her? How he used all the videos he’d watched to treat and threaten her claiming to know many things about her? How his ex-wife came and she was then given a chance to asked helped online? How no one believed that video for someone exposed that everything they’re doing is acting? How then they talked about their childhood, their lost, their lives? How she cried in front of a camera retelling her life aches? How they seem to be happy with each other and even had a dinner? How she seduced the man until she stabbed his fingers with a knife? How she was already among the crowd of internet users yet no one is believing her for everyone is thinking it was all staged? How they went back to his home after that scene at the internet cafe? How the guy intoxicate himself with a liquefied gas tank? How she is now free from him and tried to slit his neck? How then the investigator came from earlier and now she’s not believing he’s indeed a cop? How she eventually came into term’s with the cop’s reality? And then how the man told her, “Wo Ai Ni. No one is going to believed you. why did you do this to the only man who believed the real you?”

The movie depicted a cycle of trust between these two people.

it’s scary watching a movie when you don’t know what’s the real emotions between and of the characters. also, the plot is twisted. battered people are everywhere! the movie was more about making these people commit murder. people not seeing the fake from reality because people already established that fake as reality. what is acting without the trust of your audience? now it’s her turn. acting made their minds not see their reality. how ironic it is that the only one who believed your reality became what your mind won’t accept as a memory. things becoming more traumatic.

what’s happening?! #casesensitive #adyan

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